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PCB Design Staff (PCB)

– Design electrical circuit (Main controller, Power supply, digital circuit) board design for printer
– Evaluating and trouble shoot electronic circuit
– EMC testing and making the report
– Investigate new technology or make innovation in electronic design

– D4/S1 Electronics Engineering
– Understanding Digital Circuit Analysis
– Electrical Design and Evaluation Electronic Circuit Analysis and able to use C Language well


Firmware Design Staff (FDS)

– Designing printer’s firmware to controlling printer mechanical movement, copy, scanner, GUI, image processing
– Conducting designing process, from specification study, create designing concept, programming, debugging, evaluating in developing firmware

– D4/S1 Electronic / Informatics / Computer Engineering for fresh graduate or experienced
– Understand and has experience about OOP
– Have knowledge of software development and programming (C/ C++ language)
– Able work under pressure and tight deadline


Mechanical Design Staff (MDS)

– Making design concept, modelling, drawing, and evaluation
– Making document (Technical report, specification, calculation)

– D4/S1 Mechanical/ Mechatronics Engineering
– Able to work in team/individually
– Familiar with CATIA or Pro-Eng software


Software Engineer/ Full-Stack Developer (SE)

– Design and develop scalable, reliable and fault tolerant of line of business web application that powers Epson manufacturing operations.
– Write code that you are proud of, with extensibility, scalability and performance in mind.
– Write maintainable and clean codes, and able to follow company code standard.
– Analyzing requirements and designing new functionality.
– Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize development efficiency.
– Supporting and fixing existing functionality

– D3/S1 programming academic background (Information Technology, Engineering, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics is preferred).
– Have good problem solving.
– Proficiency with fundamental front-end web programming language such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
– Familiar with one or more of server-side popular programming languages such as ASP.NET, C#, NodeJS, Ruby, Python, Go-Lang, Java or PHP.
– Experienced in dealing with database.
– Familiar with Application Lifecycle Management tools such as Git, VSTS, or TFS.
– Enjoy working in team, able to work in deadline.
– Able to work with minimal supervision.
– Fluent in English and Bahasa Indonesia


Parts Engineering Staff (PES)

– Parts quality improvement
– Parts cost down and quotation verification
– Achieve parts QCD for New Model
– Follow up Quality problem
– Conducting defect analysis up to root cause in engineering process of a product

– D3/S1 Mechanical/Electrical/ Material & Metallurgical Engineering/ Industrial Engineering
– Has knowledge about mold injection & Manufacture Process
– Understand Part Drawing (3D Design)
– Can operate Ms. Office especially Power Point and Excel with Basic Formula (Understand VBA will be advantage)


Product Engineering Staff (​PrES)

– Involving in engineering process of a product
– Creating ALO, WI, MOST
– Conducting defect analysis up to root cause in engineering process of a product

– D3/S1 in Mechanical/ Electrical/ Industrial Engineering (exp. 1 year would be advantage)
– Understand Part Drawing (3D Design)
– Fast learner and Stronger in analytical thinking


Facility Staff (FS)

– Controlling facility drawing management system
– Check rooms and furniture to identify needs or repairs or renovations
– Design and oversee the schedule for cleaning and disinfecting the building
– Monitor activities that happen outside the building, such as proper waste disposal and recycling

– D3/S1 Civil Engineering or equivalent
– At least 3 years of working experience in related field is required for this position
– Understand and have capabilities in the field of technical drawing (hardware & software)
– Understand planning of construction work
– Have strong analytical thinking and proven organizational ability
– Attention to details, self-starter, proactive, flexible and deadline-focused


Jika Saudara berminat dan tertarik silahkan mengisi Form Berikut :

    Nomor KTP (wajib)

    Nama Lengkap (wajib)

    Jenis Kelamin (wajib)


    Tempat Lahir

    Tanggal Lahir, misal: 17/08/1991

    No. HP (wajib, lebih dari satu gunakan pemisah ";")

    Email (wajib, lebih dari satu gunakan pemisah ";")

    Kota/ Provinsi Domisili

    Perguruan Tinggi/Institusi :

    Jenjang (wajib)

    Program Studi /Jurusan:

    NPM / NIM /NRP /NIS (wajib)

    Tanggal Lulus/Yudisium, misal: 17/08/1991

    IPK misal "3.25"(wajib)

    Skor TOEFL

    Tinggi Badan (cm)

    Pilihan Lowongan Kerja :

    Pengalaman Bekerja/Magang (dapat berisi: tahun, tempat, posisi/tugas bekerja)

    Pengalaman Organisasi/ aktivitas non-akademik (dapat berisi: tahun, nama organisasi/ aktivitas, posisi/tugas)

    Prestasi/ Penghargaan/ Kemampuan lainnya

    Sudah Bekerja (wajib)


    Jika Sudah Bekerja Mohon Mengisi Isian sebagai berikut:

    Nama Perusahaan :

    Jabatan :

    Tanggal Mulai Bekerja, misal: 17/08/2015

    Gaji Awal :

    Alamat Perusahaan :

    Kota :


    Telp Perusahaaan:

    File CV, Format Nama File : "Kode_Lowongan"_"Nama"_"No.KTP" (.JPG, .JPEG, .PDF Max: 300 KB):


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