PT Merkle Inovasi Teknologi

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1. Internship Software Engineer (ISE)

As a software Engineer Intern you will be part of a team with more experienced engineers to help build and grow your skills while you create, support and deploy production applications/project.

  • • Collaborates & pairs with other project/product team members (UX, Engineering, Web, Project/Product Management) to create & deploy software solutions
  • • Review and discusses code from Senior Engineers to understand best practices & design patterns
  • • Document all processes and results through Engineer tracking system
  • • Document and test new software applications
  • • Develop applications (coding, programming)
  • • Assess new application ideas Requirements
  • • Computer Science / Management Information / Information Technology / Mathematics or any other major that related.
  • • Excellent analytical thinking
  • • Ability to work in a team
  • • Have basic knowledge in ERD, UML, Object Oriented Concept, Microservice Architecture.
  • • Have basic programming language knowledge in JavaScript/ Php/ Java/ Kotlin/ Swift/ Dart.
  • • Have basic programming framework knowledge in Vue.Js/ Laravel/ Spring boot/ Flutter

2. Internship Project Admin & Sales (IPAS)

As a Project Admin and Sales Intern you will be part of a team with project management & presales team to help managing project documentation managing project team billable hours, this will give you learning to create eficiency team format, data analytics, clients relations.

  • • Collaborates & pairs Project management team and presales team in managing internal team and clients
  • • Help to prepare and provide documentation to internal team and key stakeholders
  • • Assisting for Admin tasks such as tracking client payment status, filing documentation of CR, contracts and maintaining records and databases
  • • Document all processes and results company tracking system Requirements
  • • Marketing / Management Information / Economic or any other major that related.
  • • Love analytical thinking and detail oriented
  • • Ability to work in a team
  • • To Conduct themselves professionally, with staff and clients

3. Senior Backend Engineer (SBE)

Backend Developer is the position for someone that love to create, code and improve the server, server-side applications and databases, help to create a functional, seamless experience for the enduser. Create improve back-end processes and codes and work with others to design a better program.

What will you do as Senior Backend Developer

  • • Developing the entire application lifecycle, focusing on coding & Debugging Explore new tools, new technology to help development process
  • • Developing ideas for new programs, products, or features by monitoring industry developments and trends.
  • • Liaise with developers, designers and system administrators to identify new features
  • • Hands-on Design and development experience on Microservices and Restful API
  • • Review code inclusive of efficient and reusable front-end infrastructure and components
  • • Interacts and engages with consumers/users and involves technical support teams in understanding the needs of the consumer/user
  • • Researches and evaluates new methodologies and technologies that improve the quality, reliability, and performance of the Front End team/software development systems and processes.
  • • Lead a small team, coach through reviews and feedback, support team to growth & help team to raise the capacity, skills and quality through proper execution.
  • • Communicate and give feedback and solutions with clients to understand their business goals and objectives
  • • As a code reviewer
  • • Establish and promote best practices, and educate others by presenting original concepts in departmental knowledge sharing meetings.


  • • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering or any other relevant field
  • • Have 5++ years of working experience
  • • Have extensive experience in several these programming languages : Java, JEE Technologies, PHP or NodeJS or Angular
  • • Have extensive experience in several of these programming framework : Spring Boot, Struts 2 & Web Services, laravel, phalcon, sails.js
  • • Have extensive experience with Automated unit test (i.e. JUnit, Mocking frameworks) & Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • • Have experience with modern software development tools for Continuous Integration including Jenkins, Git/BitBucket, Jira
  • • Experience with SQL or noSQL database technologies (e.g. MySQL, MongoDB, etc)
  • • Experience with GIT
  • • Have experience with Golang
  • • Have strong interpersonal & communication skills and am eager to learn.
  • • Team player & having good commitment on responsibilities
  • • Strong analytical skills and detail oriented
  • • Familiar with Agile Methodology
  • • Able to communicate and write in English Job Vacancy Super awesome if you
  • • Have experience in building scalable systems, networking
  • • Have 3-4 full life cycles of experience
  • • You have knowledge of software design patterns and architecture patterns

Bagi saudara yang berminat silahkan untuk mengisi form berikut :

    Nomor KTP

    Nama Lengkap (wajib)

    Jenis Kelamin (wajib)


    Tempat Lahir

    Tanggal Lahir, (dd-mm-yyy,misal: 17-08-1991)

    Status Marital (wajib)

    No. HP (wajib, lebih dari satu gunakan pemisah ";")

    Email (wajib, lebih dari satu gunakan pemisah ";")

    Kota Domisili (Wajib)

    Provinsi Domisili (Wajib)

    Perguruan Tinggi/Institusi (Tidak disingkat):

    Jenjang (wajib)

    Program Studi /Jurusan:


    NPM / NIM /NRP /NIS (wajib)

    Tahun Masuk :

    Tahun Lulus :

    IPK misal "3.25"(wajib)

    Jenis Test B. Inggris :

    Jenis Test B. Inggris Lainnya :

    Skor Test B. Inggris :

    Account Medsos(wajib) :

    Pilihan Lowongan Kerja :

    Pengalaman Bekerja/Magang (dapat berisi: tahun, tempat, posisi/tugas bekerja)

    Perusahaan/Instansi/Lembaga :
    Tahun Masuk:
    Tahun Keluar:
    Jabatan/Posisi :
    Provinsi Perusahaan :
    Kabupaten/Kota Perusahaan :
    Besaran total Upah Pertama Bekerja :

    Perkiraan Besaran upah dibandingkan Upah Minimum Kabupaten/Kota (UMK) :

    Perusahaan/Instansi/Lembaga :
    Tahun Masuk :
    Tahun Keluar:
    Jabatan/Posisi :

    Provinsi Perusahaan :
    Kabupaten/Kota Perusahaan :
    Besaran total Upah Pertama Bekerja :

    Perkiraan Besaran upah dibandingkan Upah Minimum Kabupaten/Kota (UMK) :

    Pengalaman Organisasi/ aktivitas non-akademik (dapat berisi: tahun, nama organisasi/ aktivitas, posisi/tugas)

    Organisasi :

    Status : AktifTidak Aktif

    Organisasi :

    Status : AktifTidak Aktif

    Hardskill :

    Softskill :


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